About Me (吳崇涵)

I received my M.A. degree in Politics at New York University where I met my wife Yvonne Chen. We are both from Taiwan, a small island in East Asia with beautiful scenes and friendly people. In my free time, I love playing baseball with friends. I am also a big baseball fan for the Major League Baseball, especially for the Braves

I participated in different students activities. I was the President of Student Association at National Cheng-Chi University, Department of Diplomacy, and the President of Taiwanese Student Association at New York University.  I also practiced my internship for the Republic of Marshall Islands Permanent Mission to the United Nations in 2006. Based on my work at United Nations, I received sufficient knowledge and capability to organize Model United Nations. 

Model United Nations

I have strong interest in leading and organizing the team of Model United Nations.  This interest comes from my personal experience. During my internship at United Nations in 2006, I was the adviser for the Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. By attending the first committee in the general assembly and organizing the daily meeting agenda, I obtained precious experience and knowledge in disarmament and international security. Working in the U.N. gave me a first-hand understanding of U.N. protocol and diplomatic etiquette, which extends to basic guidelines, fundamental norms, practices of protocol, and administrative requirements. 

The Annual Taiwan Conference

The Center of Asian Studies at the University of South Carolina hosts the annual Taiwan Conference. We invite scholars from academic institutions, governments, or think tanks, who show their strong interests on issues related to Taiwan, China or countries in East Asia. It is my great honor to join this annual event. Please have a visit to the website of the Center of Asian Studies if you are interested in this conference. 

I am the chief conference coordinator who organizes the annual conference. I manage a cross-sectional relations project to facilitate the academic meetings and evaluation of research products developed by the Walker Institute for International and Area Studies. I also manage all facets of contracted research program, including inviting scholars, collecting and disseminating data, managing financial resources, preparing for conference logistics, and providing all technical supports.

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