Teaching Interests

I have developed my teaching interests on different areas, such as International Relations and Global Governance. I am also teaching Research Methods, International Organizations, International Cooperation, Chinese Foreign Policy, and Sino-U.S. relations.

 Courses Offered at NCCU

  • 203812001 Technology and International Relations (2019 Fall)
  • 203812812 Seminar on International Security (2019 Fall)

 Courses Offered at HKBU-UIC

  • POLS1003 Foundations of Political Science (2014-16 Fall)
  • POLS2013 Foundations of International Relations (2014-16 Fall)
  • POLS2040 Intro to Research Methods (2016-17 Spring)
  • POLS3010 International Law (2015-17 Spring)
  • POLS3020 China and the World (2015-17 Spring)
  • POLS3110 International Organizations (2014 Fall)
  • POLS3140 International Relations in South and East Asia (2017 Fall)
  • POLS4070 Topics in Sino-U.S. Relations (2016 Spring)
  • POLS4020 Topics in Asian Politics (2016 Spring)
  • POLS4130 Topics in Political Analysis (2015 Spring)
  • POLS4380 Theories of International Relations (2015 Fall)
  • GCVM1003 Applied Ethics (2016 Fall)
  • JOUR3130 Selected Topics in Journalism: International Organizations Reporting (2017 Fall)

Teaching Experience  (Individual Instructor at USC)

  • POLI443 International Relations of East Asia and Pacific (2011 Fall)
  • POLI315 International Relations (2012 Spring; Summer) 

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